Arches National Park: Delicate Arch

The Arches show is one of my favorite. To get to Arches, I flew to Salt Lake City and drove down to Moab. I stayed in a nice hotel in Downtown Moab, which has some great places to eat and a good stretch of stores and shops to walk and shop.

When shooting shows in many places, the best shots come in the morning a little before and after sunrise and in the evening a little before and after sunset. So my time is usually spent scouting out where I want to be during these times to shoot. I then shoot for a couple hours in the morning and and then a couple in the evening. Arches is small enough of a park that I was able to drive to many great places as the sun was setting but it gets pretty crazy. For Delicate Arch, I hiked up to it knowing I would be there for sunset and walk back to the car in darkness. I passed many people on their way out and when I got there I was all alone-just how I like it.

I took photos, some video, and ate dinner on the sandstone while enjoying a cloudy day. I was actually a bit disappointed that the amount of clouds in the sky were going to block the sun too much, making a gray and dreary sunset. But the clouds started to thin quickly and everything just unfolded in front of me. With the camera I was using at the time, I had to set up the time-lapse and let it run no matter what. You can’t stop and adjust your aperture or anything and definitely can’t change it while shooting. Doing this always ruins the shot. So as the sunset unfolded, I just had to hope everything was good. The sun followed a path that went right through the center of the Arch! You can’t see it, but I was behind the camera pumping my fist in the air and just soaking it all up. It took everything I had to just let the camera go and not try to touch it.

The walk home in the dark was a happy walk. There’s no better feeling than knowing you hiked into a place and killed the shoot.

Enjoy the show.